After losing 2-1 in the Test series, Team India has won ODI series from South Africa. Now Team India’s focus will be on defeating South Africa 5-1. On one hand, the team looked like struggling in the Test series. But when Dhoni came to South Africa, the team went on to win and the team looked a whole new way. Virat Kohli and company did a fabulous performance in ODI series, and 26 years later Team India won the ODI series in South Africa. When Team India reached South Africa, it seemed like they would perform a fantastic performance. But in the Test series, Team India could not perform anything special. Team India lost the first and second Test. India lost by 72 runs in the first Test, losing the second Test by 135 runs. After the third Test, there was a series of 6 ODIs with South Africa. As soon as Dhoni arrived in South Africa to play ODI series, the team went on to win and Dhoni proved to be ‘Lucky Charm’ for Virat Kohli and Team India.

Team India had to beat the series to South Africa to arrive at number one. Dhoni had joined the team and Team India’s ODI team was fully prepared. Team India won the first ODI 6 wickets, second ODI 9 wickets and third ODI 124 runs. Now the danger of losing series in front of Team India was over. Virat Kohli had won 3 ODIs in a 6-match ODI series. In the fourth ODI, Team India first scored 289 runs. But due to the rain Duckworth-Lewis had to be laid down and South Africa won the match. In the fifth ODI, Team India made a great comeback and defeated South Africa by 73 runs.

Talking about the first two Tests, there was no such innings in Kohli’s 153, in which he has given the bat. In the first Test, he scored 5 and 28 runs. In the second test scored 153 and 5 runs. In the third test, both the teams pitch upset quite a lot. It was difficult to score runs there. In the pitch there, Kohli scored 54 and 41 runs to give India the victory. In ODIs, he also scored two centuries and one half century. It seemed as if Dhoni came to the team India Confident and started winning.

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