Zoho, an enterprise software company with a strong Indian connection and 18 million users globally, launched new software at an event in Chennai. These are called Zoho AppCreator, Notebook, Zoho Writer, and GameScope, a new feature for Zoho Projects. All the software is available in a free tier for regular users, with pricing models for enterprise users.

Zoho Writer is the company’s word processor that competes with Google Docs. The company launched a revamped version of the app, which can be accessed via the company’s website, apart from theAndroid, and iOS apps. Zoho says its focus has been on making a powerful writing tool while keeping distractions away. The revamp focuses on simplifying the writing workflow.

Zoho Writer now has three basic stages – compose, review, and collaborate. The first stage is where you create the document. The company has created a distraction-free writing experience by hiding unnecessary toolbars and options. If you select text, you will be able to see basic formatting options, and advanced editing tools appear only if you click a button.

Zoho Notebook is the company’s attempt at “reinventing note-taking”. It’s a note-taking app that lets you create notes, checklists, record audio notes, among other features. The company says Notebook’s UI is what differentiates the app. The app is totally free, and at the moment available in India, with a global launch planned for later. The app available on Android, iOS, and Apple Watch.

The last feature announced at the event is called GameScope. Its a part of Zoho Projects, and lets people “turn work into a game”. It lets people add achievements, badges, award points for completing tasks.