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Zebras in the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya and there were photos of the crocodile clash. The alligator was sitting in the water, during which there were zebra crossing. Crocodile tried to attack the zebra, but was hit by zebras. Then the crocodile had to retreat. Sometime zebras ran …
Zebra looks in photos on his teeth buried the crocodile. It had to be defensive crocodile. However, since zebras ran there. Indeed, a river in the Masai Mara Reserve, where the animals drink water or exceeds the reserve, to reach the other side. Meanwhile, incidents of animal attacks often get on each other’s lives. Photographer looking for an opportunity to live here. However, according to experts, could become prey to crocodiles, zebras, but missed.
The 41-year-old South African photographer Nelis event Volmarns clicked. He said he was working as a camp manager, however, they came to know that the animals are crossing the river.