Youngsters from the state seem to be unafraid to experiment and dabble in different professions. Be it make-up artists, voice-over artists, fitness instructors, musicians or bloggers – they are pushing their creative boundaries.

Passion meets profession
After school, Shruti Chaturvedi took up engineering like many others, but realized it wasn’t her cup of tea. “I ended up charting a 16-18 month plan for myself, where I would intern in different companies in different roles in order to understand what I enjoy the most,” she says. A part of it was a limited-period blogging project and then there was no looking back. Now she is a full-time story-teller engaged in sharing happy stories. “The internet has been a savior. There is a lot of clutter that one has to cut through to be able to shine, but it’s a price worth paying,” she adds.

No job is easy
Personal shopper and stylist Shirali Shah echoes this sentiment. “From working for free for many clients when I started to now styling a movie – the recognition came with a lot of patience,” says Shirali, textile design graduate. Now she enjoys telling people about her work. “Most of the time the response is – ‘You shop for a living? Wow, this has to be a dream job!’ No job is easy and this one’s no exception. But the respect you get for starting something on your own is satisfying,” she says.

Smells like youth spirit

 Singer Riya Shah who just completed her master’s degree says, “It’s about the courage to follow our passion.” Rudimentary beliefs about what leads to being ‘well-paid’ and ‘well-settled’ have been put to rest. And why not? These professionals have carved their own paths. Most importantly, they are doing what they love, so there is no stopping them.