Although Dwight Yorke spent almost half of his two-decade playing career at Aston Villa, it was his four years at Manchester United which remained the most memorable. Having played a big role in their treble-winning season in 1999, the current Manchester United brand ambassador still bleeds for his club. In an exclusive interview to TOI on Wednesday, the former Trinidad and Tobago World Cupper, who’s here for a product launch of club sponsors Gulf Oil, spoke. Following are excerpts:What’s your best memory with Alex Ferguson?The day I signed for the club, he not only had an eye for the best players, his man-management skills brought the best out of the players. When I joined the club, I was already a good player. But he made me better. On my first visit to Old Trafford, he told me that I was there because the club with a rich history deserves the best players. When you play, you are not only playing for yourself or your family, but for Manchester United.May 26, 1999 – the day you won the Champions League to conclude your treble-winning season – must have been the highlight of your career?Without any doubt. We won the Premier League10 days earlier and the FA Cup three days before the CL. We were out to create history at Nou Camp and Sir Alex made us believe in realizing that dream. He made two crucial substitutions in the final few minutes and both Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskj198r scored crazy goals in injury time to give us an amazing 2-1 win. When I joined the club, I wanted to win trophies. But winning such a big prize in that manner has to be the greatest point of my career.You wanted Ryan Giggs to be promoted to the hot seat at Old Trafford, but willJose Mourinho be the right man to help the club reclaim its lost ground?Jose is here not only to help United win the Premier league again and make them the No. 1team in the world. Whatever people may say about his style of football, he has proved himself wherever he has been and he’s looking to do the same at Old Trafford. It’s important he gets off to a good start. I made no bones about the fact that Giggs, given the opportunity, would have been a good contender to take up the job. Since this has not happened, keeping in mind Jose’s experience, I think we have got the right man for the job. We grew up in Trinidad and have been childhood friends. For me, Brian has always been more of an inspiration. When he was in the form of life and broke all cricketing records, it helped motivate me. I’m lucky to have a friend who’s not just a world-class sportsman but also a gem of a person.