For a good night sleep: According to a recent Harvard study, people who practiced yoga slept longer and better than those who didn’t. But if you feel that yoga is too hardcore for you, there is only one asana that will help your body relax and restore.The asana is normally practiced at the end of a yoga class to relax the body but it can singlehandedly fix your sleep issues. Add some gentle breathing and its outcome will be even better.Sit against the wall, sideways. Now exhale and swing your legs up on the wall. Your head and shoulders should be on the floor. Perfecting this asana may take some practice.You don’t have to push yourself too hard to make the sitting bones right next to the wall. If your hamstrings are too tight, don’t push yourself too hard. You can keep a pillow under to support your back and hips.Hanging your legs up the wall will release tension from the legs and even your hips.This pose relaxes your nervous system. If you practice it every day, you will find a calm state of mind.

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