Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh, who was recently in news for suffering with Bipolar disorder, is preparing to pen down a special song. Since
Honey Singh has gone through a rough time, he wants to rap this in a very special song and is now into writing the lyrics of the song. The
track will revolve around overcoming difficulties, undying human spirit and not quitting in the face of darkness.
Honey has a record of only delivering chartbusters, the star has a massive fan following and they are keen to know as to what would Honey
offer them next. This news would definitely make them happy as they know their star is in process of making a new song.

Honey’s spokesman said: “Honey has been spending time in penning down a special song that revolves around various emotions and actions
of oneself.” Honey was last seen in Punjabi film Zorawar.
A source further adds: “This track would be very special as this is the first song that Honey would be writing after getting recovered. His fans
are keen to know about what would Honey come with next and this news should definitely make them happy.”