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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein1

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein1
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Raman rudely avoids his family members and leaves for Singapore without meeting Ishita and Ruhi. Ishita becomes shocked when she comes back from temple. Ruhi is deeply hurt! Abhimanyu comes to the house and informs Ishita that Raman has left her forever. She refuses to believe it. Abhi emphasizes that he has got the information from the Asian Business Association. yeh-hai-mohabbatein4 yeh-hai-mohabbatein5 He says that Raman has taken permanent residence in Singapore. Pathak comes and supports Abhi. He gives the divorce papers to Ishita. He explains that Raman told him to give the papers after his departure, but he could not wait. The whole family is shocked. yeh-hai-mohabbatein6 yeh-hai-mohabbatein7 yeh-hai-mohabbatein8 yeh-hai-mohabbatein9

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