The episode starts with Adi, who is busy tracking Vidyut in Australia. Soon, Aaliya brings saris and ask Adi to choose the best one. As Adi is lost thinking about Ishita and Vidyut, he points out at a pajama. Aaliya gets upset and thinks that Adi is ignoring her. Soon, she complains that Adi does not have time for her and Sharavn comes in between and tells Aaliya that he will choose a sari for her. He tells her that he even chooses for his Amma. Shravan tells her to write a love letter for Adi and she gets angry.

Meanwhile, Vidyut brings Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) to a seafront area – Kangaroo Rocks, wherein she says she is feeling guilty. Ishita says that she likes the place as it is quite romantic. Vidyut makes says love is important in life. He tries to make her understand that she has some responsibility towards herself also. He tells her to trust him but she tells him that she is feeling guilty as she has 3 kids whom she is answerable. Meanwhile, Raman (Karan Patel) comes there and Ishita looks at him. Raman ask her that did she feel that they would never meet again? Raman blames her throwing her out of life and Ishita tells him that she is not to blame for that. Raman tells her enough is enough and soon they hug each other.

On the other hand, Vidyut says it took six months to bring Ishita to Australia. Soon, Adi calls Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) and she says that her manager made all arrangements for her stay in Australia. Adi informs Ruhi that Vidyut will be available at Oval Stadium after a while and tells Ruhi to go there. Aaliya gets ready to go to the astrologer and discuss her and Adi’s future.

Now, the makers of the show are showing a love triangle between Ishita, Shagun and Vidyut. Yes, Ishita is going to Singapore with Vidyut – who is a new entrant in the show played by TV actor Sid Makkar. The last episode of the show, showcased Shagun is quite busy with her kitty parties, shopping and it is Raman who looks after Pihu and takes great care of her. Soon, Raman loses his calm and gets angry that Shagun is not taking care of Pihu.

Soon, Vidyut leaves Raman and Ishita alone and tehy spent some romantic and cute moments with each other. Raman says that he was the brand ambassador of their product in Bangkok. He even adds saying that a husband told him to bring his wife on a romantic break and spend some quality time. Raman and Ishita thank him and meanwhile, Vidyut says that he is going to meet a old friend now and leaves from there.

Soon, Shagun meets Vidyut and gets attracted to him. She tells Vidyut that she doesn’t has any child. In the next sequence, Shagun and Ishita comes face to face in Bangkok. Ishita went to Bangkok for some work purpose and Shagun very well knows that Vidyut is Ishita’s friend. Shagun plans an evil plan and tries to trap Ishita. She will put a packet in Ishita’s bag and airport authorities trouble Ishita. Soon, Vidyut to rescue Ishita.

Soon, Ruhi calls Raman and says his phone was switched off. She calls Adi and informs him about it and Adi tells Ruhi that she has to meet Raman before he meets Ishita. Stay tuned for more updates.