Xiaomi has announced a new smartwatch for kids in China. The smartwatch isn’t a new thing and gets all features seen on wearables targeted at kids. Xiaomi is reportedly working on its first smartwatch and has announced a smartwatch for kids ahead of that critical launch. The company is expected to launch the successor to its popular Mi Band on May 10.

Xiaomi’s smartwatch for kids costs just 299 RMB or Rs 3067 approximately. It supports voice calls and alerts parents when their kids walk out of the limited area. Xiaomi’s smartwatch for kids also has an SOS button which summons help with the press of a button. The SOS button immediately sends current location of parents’ phones. Xiaomi’s product page says the smartwatch is safe from radiation and consumes less power. The smartwatch is rated to last six days on standby.

The smartwatch also has pedometer built in. Xiaomi’s smartwatch is just like any smartwatch for kids but what sets it apart is the price.