It’ll come as absolutely no surprise to hear that some wrestlers are absolute jerks in real life. They perform regularly in front of big crowds representing larger than life characters with cult followers. Some are fan favorites and have their names chanted by tens of thousands of people. Others are loathed heels, but still admired for their ability in the ring. The majority develop large egos, some of which cannot be contained.

These rampaging egos often lead to undesirable behavior. Some wrestlers are despised backstage for their willingness to disrespect their peers if it means career advancement. Some refuse to follow orders in the ring, and won’t let themselves be pinned by a wrestler they’re supposed to be putting over. Others are simply backstage bullies, and draw nourishment from making the existence of those beneath them on the roster a living hell.

Then there are those wrestlers who refuse to interact with fans in the appropriate fashion. They might put on a happy face at a sanctioned autograph signing or fan day, but it’s often a different story when they’re approached in the street for a photo. In fairness to them, fame no doubt has its frustrating moments. But flat out refusing to even acknowledge a fan, especially a child, is unnecessary.

Not all of these wrestling egos manifest themselves through their interactions with colleagues or fans. Sometimes these wrestlers believe they’re above the law, and act accordingly. Be it by disobeying traffic laws, skirting financial regulations, or trying on some of their wrestling moves in real life. Perhaps the most common circumnavigation of the law is through drug abuse. Steroid use is not uncommon in the industry, and neither is the abuse of painkillers and other substances.

Sometimes it’s not the ego at all. Occasionally people are just jerks from the moment they’re born. We’ll try to keep the list as current as possible, as many wrestlers from the past, especially in the era of kayfabe were said to be huge jerks. But here is a current crop, a list of 20 wrestlers who are best avoided.
Late last year Kevin Nash was arrested on battery charges after getting into a fight with his own son. The 18-year-old claimed his father chided him for coming home drunk then threw him down by the neck and lay across his chest. Nash meanwhile said he wrestled his son to the ground to protect himself and his wife. Nash also has a hostile relationship with wrestling fans, and often takes to Twitter to berate people who disagree with him.
We’ll give Brock Lesnar credit; at least he’s honest about who he is. Lesnar has repeatedly said he’s not a nice person and has a distaste for people in general. Back in a 2004 interview with ESPN The Magazine, Lesnar was pretty blunt on his homophobia: “I don’t like gays. Write that down in your little notebook. I don’t like gays.” You won’t see Lesnar waving to fans and he has said he doesn’t talk to anybody at WWE events, other than those he’s directly working with. Don’t feel bad that we’re writing this. In true Lesnar fashion.