WWE divas showcase their talent in some of the most sensational matches in the ring. They leave the fans and spectators awe-struck with their high-flying moves.
These divas slip into skimpy outfits to put on a scintillating show for the huge crowd cheering them on. But as we all know scantily-clad girls and wardrobe malfunctions go hand-in-hand.
Recently a new name made it to list of divas who have had their oops moments in and out of the ring. Eva Marie, a blazing hot wrestling redhead, had her match cancelled after she became a victim of the unpredictable event.
Some put a bold face on to continue their matches after meeting with an unwanted event, finishing them in style gaining a deafening applaud but then there are some who slump and sneak out of the place where numerous eyes are watching them.
As there have several other such accidents that have taken place with the WWE divas, we are going to show some of those moments which the stars suffered during the live events.
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