With chikungunya and dengue wrecking havoc in our lives, long-sleeved clothing and mosquito-repellent creams have become a part of the everyday.
A Singapore-based jewellery brand, however, has found a way to keep vector-borne diseases at bay, while staying fashionable.
By Invite Only, a Singapore-based fashion jewellery brand, has come up with a collection titled Yu Ahn, which consists of bracelets and necklaces that bracket something called a citronella ball, which is refillable and lasts up to seven
days.Don’t scratch your head, citronella oil is a non-toxic essential oil that is found rather commonly in mosquito repellents. It is particularly known to be effective against the Aedes aegypti mosquito (which spreads dengue).
By Invite Only founder Trixie Khong told Mashable, “We realised that people don’t want to bring around mosquito repellent all the time, even though mosquito-borne diseases are a problem in Singapore. So as a jewellery designer, we
decided to combine the concept of safety with fashion.”The price for the jewellery ranges between S$48 (Rs 2346) to S$65 (Rs 3177) and the refill costs S$4.90 (Rs 240).
The pendants have been paired with Burmese jade and beaded charms, strung along Rhodium-plated chains, to give the jewellery a fashionable, workable look.