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The US state of Texas State Highway ‘Katy Freeway IH -10′ highest in the world wide. And from both sides for more than 25 lanes. Maine 12, 8 and 6 manage feeder lanes. They also concur with other interconnect, it allows drivers to go on another highway. Well it’s 133 km long highway, but the width is the highest in the North Houston area. Toll ticket does not wait for …
All lanes of the toll booth, but does not stop a vehicle. Cameras, number plate database of vehicles to reach the owner of the toll ticket is reached, they do pay. There is no suspect vehicle or the database does not get his number plate, the police officer can stop him anywhere. Texas Transportation Institute research engineer Anthony Wong, said that so far it is not anywhere in the world-wide highway.
In Texas in 1983, making it at the time and purpose of the trip was to avoid traffic jams. Since 2008, it has become more convenient. Toronto’s’ The -401 22 Lane and New Jersey’s “Turnpike” to 18 lane highway.