Usually most secret and mysterious North Korea as the country’s name comes in mind, but we like that you are going to tell each other about. Eritrea is a country that “North Korea of Africa” is also called. In fact, the situation is the same as North Korea and people do not have freedom of the press or the government complete control over Hakmeedia …
According to a BBC report, Eritrea is one of the world’s most repressive and Sikretiv countries. According to a second report, about 5 thousand people are leaving Eritrea every month in search of a better life. However, even those caught leaving the country is put in jail.
But Eritrea’s capital Asmara usually appears better. Young Life in the capital live in some photos and coffee are visible. Eritrea is the only state-owned media to work. It is not easy for outsiders to go. At many places in the country, the old tanks, trucks and military vehicles can be seen in impoverished.
1 per cent of the Internet
According to a report by Vice, just 6 per cent of the country’s mobile and internet users, only 1 per cent. Strict monitoring of government are on the Internet and within the country is not easy to send out photos.
How Country
Long independence from Ethiopia in 1993 after battling Eritrea was liberated. However, the border war with Ethiopia in 1998 and 2000 occurred. Sensex nearly 50 years ago, Eritrea was under Italy.