North Korea first party congress in 36 years (the meeting) organized. Because of this some of the world’s most international photographers had the chance to catch a glimpse of the mysterious country. Meanwhile, Pyongyang by a photographer to capture photos of the city’s subway system is not in the press and the people freedom Linkdesh …
North Korea do not have freedom of the press and the people and the officials are permitted to pull the photos. Photos of the rail system in North Korea there were fresh look normal, but pitted security everywhere.
However, according to reports in the earlier parts of the subway system was not allowed to go to foreigners. These photos were clicked when Foreign Journalists During the Congress to join the government was being taken. Therefore considered that the photos are only a limited number of parts, which the government wants to show the world.
Wrote in a report that North Korea’s subway system with a nuclear bunker double deep. The North Korean women in traditional dress may show that a train.
North Korea also called mystery
North Korea, South Korea and the United States to tell frequent discussions of conflict remains. Many countries report the dictatorial regime and the secret country called mystery. Indeed, the reality of the country’s authoritarian government do everything that comes out or even come to see the world as a sham.