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Gangnchunbi 40-story buildings as it is the world’s largest cave. Its own climate and wind. That is the end of the world saw it like that. This is Vietnam’s Dung Cave Sun Har. The green cave. Inside it is a different kind of voice. Some mysterious photos are shared by Swiss photographer Yurs Jihlmn. The 5-day trip to Vietnam Bang National Park was located. The cave is allowed only in one year, 450 visitors. Are carried to the way to the cave …
The cave, through the forest, it takes half a day to reach. With weak hearts can not visit it. The river has to pass. Jihlman 40 people were on a special photography tour. He explains that the photos here at National Geographic since I decided to come here.
We saw from the woods towards the cave to cave clouds are moving. We went down 262 feet rope. The path was dark and slippery inside. It was a wondrous beauty. It seemed a different world. We had a different experience to be here. Oxalis Adventures arranged the tour for the offer. They work closely with the Vietnamese government.