If you are asked where is the largest Hindu temple in the world, you’ll probably name of India, but Aapako be surprised to know that the world’s largest Hindu temple is in Cambodia, India, about 4800 km. Its name is Angkor Wat, which is considered the world’s largest religious monument. The name is recorded in the Guinness Book …
Due to its immense religious structure is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. It is present in Cambodia Angkor. Its old name was Yashodharpur. Now you might think that how a Hindu temple in Cambodia, then tell you that the 11th century was ruled by Hindu king Suryavarman seconds. He had built the huge temple. This is a Vishnu temple. This temple along the banks of Mekong Time magazine as one of the world’s five most surprising things was.
The UNESCO World Heritage sites is also included. The temple is regarded as symbol of Mount Meru. Tales of Indian religious texts on the walls will also sculpted. Elves, stories about gods and monsters are observed here. Sanatan Dharma followers prefer to come here. Ancorwatmndir, Cambodia’s national symbol.
However, it’s now been replaced in the National Flag of the temple’s construction. Making it one crore fifty sand stone were used. Each stone weighs one and a half tonnes. It is surprising that such a number was not in the stones used in the pyramids of Egypt.