China recently became the world’s highest lift in the pictures online are viral. The lift is so high that the poor man’s vanity is stuck. The elevator ride is filled with amazing adventures. The lift is 1070 feet or 326 meters. The nine-storey building in the heart of the trenches as it is a lift. It is scary to sit around. The world’s tallest outdoor lift. Ground to reach the top of the lift takes just two minutes. It can carry up to 50 people together at once. Lift is in the area of China Jangajiyaji Skenik Vulingyuan Forest Park. It because of its merits, “Hundred Dragons Sky lift ‘is known. Made of transparent glass elevator was closed for security reasons, but this month is likely to open it for tourists. This is where the walk from the elevator to go up to the top takes around two and a half hours. But just two minutes from the lift gets the job.