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Abkajiakjorjia world’s deepest cave, located in the western Caucasus. Or it Voronya Krubera Cave Cave is known by the name. It is about 7208 feet deep, which is amazing in itself. The cave of the mountain massif Arabica Black Sea coast, where it is the way to go. Players who enjoy adventures in the cave and the influx of tourists stays put. Entry without permission does not …

The way to go to the cave is extremely difficult, in the year season is worth going just 4 months. Besides, the political climate are pretty awful, which led to the permission does not come so easily. It is said that this cave was discovered in 1960. Krubera means the cave of crows. Even today, thousands of crows nests remain.

It is said that 5 million years ago, when the hill was growing, when the cave was formed. The cave is 16 058 meters long, the Eiffel Tower (324 meters) is approximately 5 times higher. The cave entrance is a small door. The cave is divided into two parts at a depth of 200 meters. The first part and the second part of 1293 meters, 1,997 meters deep. 1,300 meters underground cave is further divided into several branches. Tourists from many countries come to see the cave.