Erin Kafi, who came to the US to discuss the time when his entire family was killed. In this case it is the last 8 years in prison. Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan, the former recently interviewed the girl and told the most brutal. Pierce was nervous while taking interviews …
Erin Kafi Getsvile in Texas since 2008, the Hilltop high-security jail. When he was 16, when his entire family was killed. The new TV show “Killer Women” were inside the prison to meet Erin Pierce. The frightened they were visible enough. Pierce told you I was a bit nervous. I was wondering how this girl appears to be no angel can kill your family. However, the 24-year-old Erin felt like seeing him kill his family is not even the slightest compunction.
Before Pierce’s “Good Morning Britain” show name has interviewed several Selibritij. Recently they ‘Killer Women’ show was an interview with Erin. They say that it was quite different from Selibritij interviews. You’re sitting next to a woman who killed her own family members. However, I did not feel afraid of him, because he had no weapon and nearby security guard was present. Yet all the people I met, the more dangerous they became Erin.
Pierce said that the 4 feet 11 inches, the woman is less than an angel. Looking at it, it seemed to be the America’s Got Talent. However, before I ever interviewed a girl Erin is not dangerous. Among the few women prisoners I met Erin. Please tell Erin was murdered his mother and 3 brothers. At age 59, he will come out of prison. However, despite the killing of the family of the father of Erin are still visiting him in prison. They say I have to forgive him.