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Beijing. Hanging bridge made of glass in China remains in the headlines these days, but in China also made breaks between hills Tahang Guoliang Tunnel is equally amazing. The tunnel is one of the world’s most dangerous. The tunnel was built in 1972. Earlier, there was just walking and the way Huiksian, Jinjiang, linking the villages of Henan provinces. 720 tunnel carved out of the hills …
Nearly 720 freeway that runs between steep hills paved steps were extremely dangerous. Given these problems, the people of the village decided to dig a tunnel in the hills. Village chief Shane Mingajing hammer and other tools by selling their goats and bought drugs. 13 people work on the project started and the 1,200-meter-long tunnel digging took 5 years. The tunnel was five meters high and four meters wide. The tunnel in the construction of 12 tons and 4,000 drill rod was used hammers.
The tunnel was opened on May 1, 1977. 30 windows in the wall of the tunnel. The world’s ten most vertical (elevation toward) is one of the streets. Is stuck in the throat of those passing through the breath. The road will not tolerate errors road (The road that does not tolerate mistakes) is also known as.