Snake hear of people tremble with fear. This fear is inevitable, because the warm climate in a country like India, every year thousands of people die from snake bite. However, many scientists believe that the poison is not death, but her panic people have died. For this reason people see where the snake struck him then take it back. Some species of poisonous snakes without fear of poison also kills the snake. Snakes of our behavior is due to a lack of information and fear. These are only four species of poisonous snakes …
Each snake is not poisonous snakes are found in India, about 270 species and 4 species of these snakes are poisonous and their bites only are lives. These snakes are the cobra (snake), krait, Russell’s Viper and Viper Scaled Sov. These four species are responsible for most cases of snake bite itself. Besides the king cobra, banded krait Hamp Nosed pit vipers and poisonous snakes too, but these are very few and are killed by these little guys. According to the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hayjin, 46,000 people every year in India die from snake bite. However, according to official figures 2,000 people in India die from snake venom. Also during the year, more than 2.5 million people get to snake bites.
Why snake bites
Sharp fangs of the snake venom and it is not correct, he will bruise him. As much as we are afraid of snakes, and more snakes are afraid of us because they are hidden. Snake venom teeth and aid in hunting and for self-defense occur. Viper went to look for food on the victim’s body and buried teeth puts poison in his body. Some go off because of the poison victim becomes unconscious and its poison snake smells reaches Him. Also snakes use their venom to protect themselves from enemies does. That is the human face of their death, it seems obvious and powerful weapon to protect their own turn.
Inland Taipan
It is the most poisonous snakes found on Earth. The Viper 110 mg in a sting venom injected, causing 100 people may die and 250,000 mice. It is ten times more common cobra snake venom poison Ratl 50 times more dangerous.
Eastern Brown Snake
It is highly poisonous snake found in Australia. A 14-thousandth part of its venom is enough to kill a human being. It usually attacks the thing moving Buddha’s face it, when it needs to stabilize her.
Blue krait
This snake is found in Southeast Asia and Indonesia. The cobra venom is 12 times more dangerous. The main victims are the other snakes. It also viper snake swallowing its smaller-size does not mind.

Otrelia found in the victim’s body with their stings or snake venom could leave so the guinea pig dies 12000. Appearance is similar to the black mamba of Africa.
Black Mamba
Black mamba snake home continent of Africa is called basket. 20 km per hour with a capacity to move faster extremely angry snake bites the victim repeatedly. It puts a sting so much poison in the body, which can cost the life of adults 10-25. The bruising on the man within 15 minutes to 3 hours dies.
Tiger Snake
The snake’s venom is neurotoxic Otrelia. Usually 6-24 hours to reach its prey to death, but to save lives just 30 minutes to see.
Philippine cobra
This is the most dangerous species of cobra. The victim of a toxin might throw at three meters. The severe neurotoxic venom can kill victims within 30 minutes.
Wiper is found almost all over the world. Sov Chan Scaled Viper and Viper are extremely toxic. These snakes Middle East and Central Asia, especially India, China, and is found in South-East Asia.
death Adder
This snake is found in Australia and New Guinea. The main victims are the snakes and their poison uses it against them. It is for self-defense to attack humans. It is extremely fast and large amounts of your venom attacks the victim’s body is poured in. Its venom is neurotoxic, which tend to weaken the nervous system, symptoms resembling paralysis and death in humans in less than 6 hours in Agos goes.
Snake Ratl
This snake is found in the Americas, is highly toxic. Large venom glands and long teeth hunted large amounts of the poison in the body is dangerous for him to arrive.