Bridge to undergo intimidating if this bridge is one of the world’s most dangerous bridge and there’s so scared. Here we are going to tell you about some of these bridges are considered the most dangerous in the world. If a thousand feet up the remains of a wood piece. It is considered the world’s most dangerous bridge …
Hosseini Bridge, Pakistan
It is considered the world’s most dangerous bridge. This bridge is built over River Hunza in Northern Pakistan. It is very old bridge. Pieces of wood in between the gap is too. Facing death is like to go from here.
Kakum Canopy walkway, dense
Net handrail on both sides of the bridge are involved. It is made of wood. It is composed of 40 meters.
Royal George Bridge, USA
This bridge is the world’s largest bridge. It is 291 meters high and 384 meters long. Built on the Arkansas River Bridge Kolardo it.
Bridge Aigyule du Midi, France
This bridge is 12605 feet high. Passing through here on the highs can not dare to look down.
Vitim River Bridge, Siberia, epicure
The bridge is over 50 feet of water. There is no railing around the bridge. One wrong move can take you in 50 feet of water. Each is covered with winter Warf.
Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia
The bridge was built in 2004 in Malaysia. 700 meters height on the bridge remained closed for 2 years but has now re-opened it.
Bridge at Mount Titlis, Switzerland
This bridge is called Titlis Cliff Walk. The bridge remains between Swiss alpes and Mount Cliff. The 3041 m high from sea level.
Punte de Ojyula Bridge, Mexico
The total length of the bridge is 318 meters. Wooden floor makes it Dervna. It is stuck in the throat as it passes lives.