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In a world of a place. There are many instances where a very common phenomenon, some are extremely alarming. Today we are going to tell the world about the incidents which are considered very mysterious. Many of these incidents are such which were also the scientific research, but the exact cause was not immediately known. These incidents threaten …

Hanging corpse
Cooper family bought an old house in Texas around 1950. During the first night in the house to celebrate his father took photos of the family. In this photo two children are sitting in the lap of her mother and grandmother. After developing the photo of the entire family was terrified, because I am the only one in the family was also seen hanging corpse. It was claimed at the time of taking photos there was no such thing exists. Some people said that it is possible that the negative been tampered with, but Cooper denied it was a family. Many years later tried to learn the truth, but it still remains a mystery.