Jeremy Wade of England since last 30 years living Sfok ‘River Monsters’ show are introduced. During this period she received many fish and other organisms in the river is caught. He was caught several fish, which are not only deadly, but man-eating (Man eaters) also. Today we are going to tell you about the 7 deadly fish. From these Stingres piranha and catfish, including fish from the sex change. A fish that eats crocodiles and humans …
Tiger Fish Congo
These fish Congo River that flows into African countries has found a place where very few people reach. For this reason very few people know about this fish. These are associated with piranhas and crocodiles are fed easily. Not only she is a person comes in front of them take up the hunt. Their teeth are very sharp and 1 inch long. However, weighed approximately 454 kg.
Fresh water from the fish caught by Jeremy Wade, whose length was 7 feet. However, the species of fish, 20 feet tall, but it is not possible to see them. Indeed, they live in the sea and are considered very dangerous. Not only is it harder to catch in the net. Even if they are stuck out of a Commercial Fisherman webs replace it kills. The weight is approximately 317 kg.
Longnoj GAAR
Jeremy Wade was caught by North America’s Lake Champlain. This is a very ancient species of fish. The next part of the mouth like a crocodile, but they are not dangerous. In the US, it is also known by the name of Crocodile GAAR. Its weight is 136 kg.
Queensland Gropr
Australia’s Brisbane River Gropr Jeremy Wade grabbed the giant, which was also known by the name of grouper in Australia. The grouper is said about the change your sex. Female grouper in the match can change. Indeed, if there is a match between many female grouper and he later departed from among them, the biggest change will result in female self-mail. His weight is 360 kg.
Red-tailed catfish
Usually, this species of fish are found in the Amazon River, but Jeremy Wade was caught by a waterfall in Thailand. His head and face are so large. Amazon is said about them that they are children swallow. The weight is 56 kg.
Wels catfish
Wels catfish are found in Europe. Jeremy Wade had caught it from Spain. He cuts people these fish in the clear water. However, they defend their nests are very strictly. So, go for a swim, even if it cuts aggressively, which is quite painful. Their teeth are small, while the weight is 73 kg.
Kaluga sturgeon
‘River Monsters’ show, Jeremy Wade, who moved the fish was caught by Russia’s Amur River. These are meat-eating and can easily eat a man. But now their survival is at risk. Indeed, the conduct of people eat caviar, day by day, because of which their numbers are dwindling. His weight is up to 1000kg.