Worldwide more than a dangerous path where death means the mess needs to be gone through. If any of these get in the way of a toxic swamp creatures. However, there are some ways which are made from wood shabby. So, when a man passing through these paths of death can not be said to fit into the mouth. Weak-hearted better stay away …
However, despite the dangerous adventures like walking on these paths that few people, even their lives are at stake. Some of these paths are crossed, the way some people their prey. People with weak hearts, so stay away from these paths is the same goodness. 10 hiking trails around the world, such dangerous Today we are going to tell about.

The Darién Gap, Panama and Colombia
The Darién Gap is on the highway to Alaska to southern Chile hiking trails. This 90 km long route, it passes marshes, besides toxic organisms face many difficulties. In such a small man who was passing through, either by omission or will fall into the quagmire of a poisonous creatures will be killed.
West Coast Trail, Canada
It is a narrow path on the west coast of Canada, which passes through the forest. So, as you move through these paths too often are at risk from wild animals. Moreover, the path passing through the shabby wooden bridge has to be resorted to, which is bog down.
Crossing the Sahara, Africa
Crossing the Sahara desert and the desert road. It is very difficult to cross, which is a maze. Many people lost their lives on this trip.
Via Ferrata, Italy and Austria
The narrow path was created by Italian soldiers during the Second World War. This bridge is built on a cliff. So, passing through a small lapse occurred when a man can fall into the depths of several hundred feet.
Vendenstok, Switzerland
Switzerland is one of the dangerous paths Vendenstok Trail. A wrong move could be fatal, because it is way too narrow and slippery.
Trek Himalaya, Nepal
Not only has the world’s highest peak Mount Everest, but is also extremely dangerous. It seems to be all over the place a little. Weather conditions is very difficult to quantify. In such times, suddenly begins to snow. So it is difficult to trace the people there.
Rowan Run Trail, Alaska
Alaska Rowan Trail runs Yun extremely beautiful view, but is equally dangerous. The omission of a minor can be a life too.