There are many places in the world, such is its beauty. The city contributes to its cultural and historical known. London, Paris and Berlin are all places to be some memorable stays for people. But in the city where there is a bad experience. They called the world’s Anfrendli and Ruud City. Many National, International Survey, International Travelers’ The list has been prepared on the basis of experience. Remember these things move in this city before …
Moscow, Russia
Experts say the first number in the list are planning to visit the city of Moscow in the group go because these people have little chance of helping. Visitors to the attitude of the people is not good, especially for Americans, the town is not friendly at all. The visa policy is very strict. Visa must submit a letter of invitation to the hotel or tour guide.

Newark, New Jersey
The city is placed in the list of reasons Rood City. The crime rate has increased over the years. According to data from 2013, Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United Stets Newark’s highest murder rate. Problems here are also political. The airport is also bad governance. Additionally, the city is becoming, year after year Anfrendli.
St. Petersburg, Russia
According to Travel and Leisure is the world’s third Anfrendli City. People here are living separately and others that do not have help. These visitors do not talk much. It would be correct to think twice before heading out.
Marseille, France
The city is chaotic and isolation of people. People here are also Anfrendli. According to The Economist France’s local culture, the city is Rud.
Los Angeles, California
The positive response of visitors to the city do not. Travel and laser survey Rudd as well as help the people to come forward. The shopping scam and taxis are also scams, so travelers are afraid. It can be dangerous to solicit the assistance of the locals. Booking with a travel agent to get their own right.