Dealing in illegal drugs mafia in the world of work and the list is too long. Human Trafficking in illegal drugs and arms trafficking business after the most profitable work. These people have gotten riches in no time. Today we tell you about some of them are drugs mafia. Earned nearly 35 billion rupees by selling heroin …
The hit list is the first name of Frank Lucas. Frank drunk businesses make the most money are the drug traffickers. Lucas, the man in New York who has a good variety of Italian mafia’s grip and heroin made by selling assets worth about 35 billion. Lucas film director’s life Denjhl Washington American Gangster movie name has been drawn.
1993 Mumbai bomb blasts mastermind Dawood is second on the list. D company with his brother, he created the most famous of which was the underworld. Mumbai blasts David had put money earned from drugs. Dawood Ibrahim is the property of nearly 446 billion rupees.
Colombia’s largest drug traffickers Ochoa Brothers are known as. The two brothers in the world has supplied several thousand kilograms of cocaine. Approximately 400 billion of these assets.
Born on January 30, 1939, the drug lord Gilberto said. The former leader of the cartel was also Kelly. Gilberto first used cannabis trafficking, in the ’80s, he began smuggling cocaine to earn more profits. These drugs business has generated about 200 billion rupees.
Medellin drug cartel in Colombia smugglers AI organization. Co-founder Carlos are the organizer. September 11, 1949 by the Colombian-born Carlos turnover of cocaine in the Bahamas and about 180 billion earning assets.