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Today, just 35 years from the first 6, 1981, the entire train in Bihar’s Saharsa had crept into the river. 1 800 out of a thousand people on the train were killed. Not only in India, but is one of the world’s 5 largest rail accidents. The accident was finally …
Mansi when Saharsa passenger train reached as soon Bagmati River Bridge, then the accident happened. According to some reports, the cow suddenly fell onto the railway track, the brakes are applied by the driver to save him. However, according to some reports, the track was slippery due to the rain and the train coaches were overturned. Several days after the incident to seek Gotakharon people, but many people were washed away due to heavy rain and drift and not known. The world’s four other today we are going to tell about the biggest train accidents.