You may also be surprised to learn of these jobs.
Ice cream tester
Britain’s Lewis Bambr Suprkul London supermarket employee job sites. Every day 23 new flavors of ice cream that tastes Ckti scoops of ice cream spoon and eat around 460 a month. In addition, he also ten different factories serve ice cream tasting, ice cream in the world, delivering work. Lewis says that with their grandparents came from Italy many years ago here. His grandmother started an ice cream parlor where they worked were the ones serving ice cream. Throughout his life, he associated with the work done so far ICECREAMS and that he would like to continue.
Waterslide tester
The person walking in the job and that he check the water slides are so fun. Liverpool’s first lifestyle product development manager Tommy Lainc world who work for a holiday company. The company’s water parks in the world Lgwati slides, which is firstly examined by Tommy.
Luxury bed tester
Birmingham City University student Royisin Medign a bed maker that he has a special offer to test to their beds. The luxury beds and sold worldwide, the company for which they examine sleep among Medign first right to sell or not. By the Company’s salary every month is more than Rs.
Secret Shopper
Companies that offer these special jobs around the world store, are perhaps less known. The company own any store staff to learn other things like service and customer reaction to these Secret shoppers are hired. Their job is only to buy stuff in the store, and the company pays the money and make the month’s salary.