These are the world’s 10 richest youngsters

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Everyone in the world wants to be rich, but can not all become. Some people at a young age to become the owner of hundreds of millions, some go on to become the lifetime work. But there are some people in the world, who at the age of just 20 or 25 years have become billionaires. Today we are going to introduce you to the 10 youngsters who have so much property that you can not imagine. The owner of billions of ... Walton Lucas, who lives in the US, and they have assets of more than 7 trillion. The name of the Walmart supermarket, which are chains all over the world. Alexander Anderson, 19 Alexander Anderson is the world's youngest Bileniers. They The property is more than 75 billion and the 42 per cent stake in the company of his father. Katharina Anderson, 20 Assets of more than 82 billion Even Spiegel, 25 Even Spiegel and CEO of Snapcat They have assets of more than 1 trillion 43 billion. Bobby Murphy, 27 Co-founder of Snapcat Snapcat Bobby Murphy and has assets of more than 1 trillion. Not only their 11 percent share in the company, too. Eva Maria Brown, 29 Eva Maria Brown has more than 95 billion in assets. Their 11 percent share in the company B. Braun Melsungen. Gustwa Mgnr Vitjoy 22 75 billion property CRISIL kill fishing firm Julio Mario Santo III, 30 Julio Mario Santo is 30 years of age who live in New York and they are presenting jockey DJ. They have the immense wealth of his grandfather. Ludwig Theodore Brown, 26 Assets of more than 82 billion 10 percent ownership of the family business. Wang Han, 28 Assets of more than 89 billion

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