We think that modern cities are safe. People are roaming the streets without fear. but it’s not like that. There are some places in the Western world’s cities is considered the world’s most dangerous places. Here, too afraid to go to police. Some of these places are the same few places over the years, such as the recently moved in this state. It is called the No Go Zone …
Brazilian Fevila (slum) called the no-go zone. These are famous all over the world. The laws do not run any. These areas show the secret of the gangster and drug mafia. The police do not even dare to enter their territory. FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games as the host country when it tried to hide from the world. However, some of the slum settlements are safe in the hands of the police.
Birmingham is a city of the Middle East out of the Muslim population. It is afraid to come to the police patrolling. A campaign was launched at the Birmingham Public School Sharia law has been changed in the zone. Children from eating halal meat Playground girls are forced to wear the burqa. There are reports of violence came days
There is no law in the German city of Duisberg. There is no control of the police in this city. Public Order in the city will soon be over. Rainer, president of the German police union says that some of the policemen in the area because they know that their cars are stopped when the man surrounded them will take 40-50.
Germany is also the second city has been declared a no-go zone. It was a few days ago, police arrested two people. Puliswalo 100 people surrounded by little they went away. After calling in the police force was under control.
French citizens say they are Robeks so they feel they are in another country. Here, without any kind of rule or law can not be applied to the assault-sabotage.
The Island
Popular Tourist Place as well as the no go zones for the police. Most people living here illegally. Here, an area which is known as Kampung Lok Urai is very dangerous. The police do not enter. Here is a Crime. The government had offered good homes for evacuation. But people rejected him.
London Tower Hamlets
Hemlets Muslim population is found in the Tower of London. They want to introduce Sharia law here. According to him, women who refuse to wear that dress is killing them. Muslim and non-Muslim people to disobey Sharia law is beaten and killed.
Molenbik Brussel is the worst area. Paris is known as the home of Aantkion responsible for the attack. The police are afraid to enter. Government is also no facilities for the people. It is neither a school nor a place to work. This place is seen as the failure of European governments.
The South of France is a small city. When the police patrol special Atihat is taken. This is also called no-go zone. The French called it the mini-Muslim country. The drug dealing, racism, tribal clashes are common. Pransion not believe the rules of the Muslims is the leading cause of violence.
Volsmose Denmark’s third-largest city, where the police are not. The immigration people are found in greater numbers. The crime rate is extremely high. People here do not have jobs. The people are fleeing. People also continue to experience treatment from automatic weapons.