Among the most loyal when it comes to the world of animals, the first name that comes to dogs. They risked their lives and introduce loyalty. However, there are also a life threatened. 10 dangerous dog breeds in the world today that we are going to tell you about. These Great Dan, Boxer, German Shepherd Dogs are like. Many of these dogs have been banned on the cradle.

1. Pit Bull
Pit Bull breed dog breeds are the most dangerous and aggressive. Many countries around the world have banned raise these dogs. However, in many other countries including the US, still the pit bulls are reared, but they need better training to prevent aggression. Pit bull attacks in the US in 2015, 28 deaths have been confirmed. Its weight is between 16 and 30 kg.
2. Rotvellr

Vellr rot species as well as being a powerful dog that specializes in cutting are very fast. Rot in the US in 2014 by cutting Vellr 3 people have died. However, due to dog bites in the US between 1993 and 1996 many people were killed, more than half of deaths was responsible Rotvellr. The pressure of 1460 kg of 148 Newton or anyone bites. Its weight is between 35 and 48 kg. Maintaining it is banned in many countries.
3. German Shepherd

German Shepherd police dogs has become recognized as one of the world’s 10 most dangerous dogs. 108 kg of pressure on the people that attack, after which it is hard to avoid. Whereas, weighed 30 to 40 kg is between. Maintaining it is banned in many countries.
4. Doberman Pinscr
Doberman Dog Pinscr species are police dogs, but ordinary people are bringing it home. This dangerous dog becomes aggressive strangers on sight, but often goes down to the owners on sight. The cutting of a woman who died in 2011, but after that there was no news about the cut. Their weight is between 34 and 45 kg. Maintaining it is banned in many countries.
5. Bullmastiff
Bullmastiff dog’s aggressive nature, whose legs are very long. The weight of this breed is between 55 to 60 kg. In 2014, New Jersey in the US by cutting a 13-year-old child were killed. The death of a child in Texas this year, even the attack took place. Their weight is between 50 and 59 kg.
6. Husky

Husky dog ​​species are dangerous as well as extremely intelligent. They are also known as sled dogs, without which the wheels of the car to pull in icy plains are experts. When it happens in the aggressive mood can kill anyone. Dogs of this breed in the US between 1979 and 1993, 15 people have died. Their weight is between 20 to 27 kg.
7. Malamut

Malamut dog species are found in North America. Malamut wolves resemble in size from 34 to 49 kg of weight is between. Dogs of this species as well as intelligent are full of energy and aggression. According to a study by the University of Texas from 1966 to 1980. The 5 people have died from dog bites. Their weight is between 36 and 43 kg.
8. Wolf Hybrid

There are some breeds of dogs are made from hybridization of the wolf and dogs. One such species is the Wolf Hybrid. Many states in the US to raise this breed is banned because it can attack anyone. As many of this breed between 1979 and 1998, 14 people have been killed in the US by cutting. Their weight is between 36 and 56 kg.
9. Boxer

Boxer species descended from hunting dogs called. None of their strong jaws they are prey. These dogs are protective breed. Recalcitrant dogs as well as their identity. Their weight is between 30 to 32 kg.
10. Great Dan

If this breed to be trained properly in terms of security, they can be great pets. These are extremely dangerous but lack of training. For this reason it is also known by the name of Killing Machine. Their weight is between 54 and 90 kg.