Pursuit World Index and sustainable Development Solutions Network is jointly survey. Their happiness level of 156 countries on the list have been made. The survey of the country’s GDP, social support, Healthy Life, Freedom to Make Life Choice, corruption etc. Keeping in mind the list of factors is created. Here we are told about the 10 countries where the level of happiness is very low. Long life to live it …
It is the world’s most Anhappi country. People here are very poor. The country’s GDP 51684 approx Rs. People here do not have the freedom to take the decision himself. The people of Burundi do not live long. The men and women 54 to 58 years, they have won.
According to the BBC in the civil war in Syria, 250,000 people have died away. 72 percent of people in this country not even get drinking water. The 20 million children are deprived of education.
Togo’s economy is very weak. The country is dependent on foreign aid. The crime rate is very much related to elephant teeth.
Waste away because of the war in Afghanistan as well as the infrastructure of the people’s lives in danger.
Benin in Africa is the large amount of cotton products. But production does not help the economy. According to the World Bank, the GBP 1 million 36 thousand. Living is too low. According to the World Organisation Held for 60 years has won the men’s 57 and women.
In 1994, the country was in the massacre in which thousands of people died and many people left the country. Some people are still living in this country.
Guinness is one of the poorest countries in West Africa. Liberian refugees from neighboring countries such as the economy of the country is low.
According to the World Bank, Liberia’s GDP is approximately 56 rupees. The illiterate and unemployed. Between 2013-2016 the thousands of people died of Ebola disease.
Tanzania Most people are living below the poverty line. According to the World Bank, the country’s GDP 17 is approximately 300 thousand.
The country has seen several acts of violence. Here is an atmosphere of political Instbiliti.