1810 world billionaires. The total deposits of 6.5 trillion (a trillion trillion = million) dollars. Here we are going to tell you about 10 countries are billionaires. Where are the world’s most billionaires. Data for February 2016 are included in the list. There are 540 billionaires live …
Country: United States
Arbpti- 540
In the United States are the world’s most billionaires. In this country the number is 540. Microsoft boss Bill Gates the richest man.
Country: China
Billionaire -251
The number of billionaires in China is 251. Manufacturing, technology and real estate billionaires in China, who has produced such factors. Here are the richest man Wang Xianlin. Dalian Wanda Group real estate developer as they began.
Country: Germany
Billionaire -120
Billionaire fashion and retail in Germany from 37, 19 and 18 from healthcare to manufacturing are. The richest billionaires are Albrenc beets Haistr and Carl. In 1946 he had established supermarket Aldi.
Country: India
Arbpti- 84
In India a self-made billionaire. These fashion, healthcare, technology and fashion industry are from. No. 1 on the list of billionaires Mukesh Ambani.
Country – Russia
Arbpti- 77
The energy and mining industry has given the country’s billionaires. Leonid Mikelsn No. 1 on the list of billionaires.
Country: Hong Kong
Arbpti- 63
The billionaire real estate, gambling and Menyufaccring come from the unit. Li Ka Shing’s richest billionaires here.
Country: United Kingdom
Arbpti- 50
Most are from the UK billionaire real estate finance section. Hinduja family, four brothers manages the group. The family is the richest.
Country: Italy
Arbpti- 43
Italy is the world’s billionaires name. Prada, Armani, Ferrari, Bulgeri, Ferrero its world famous brands. Maria Franca Fisolo the Ferrero Group’s owner, the richest billionaire.
Country: France
Arbpti- 39
France is known as the fashion world. The country’s billionaires are from news channels and the fashion manufacturing industry. Group of France’s richest billionaire Liliane Loril Betenkort.
Country: Canada
Arbpti- 33
The self-made billionaire Uber, companies like Lululemn are doing well. The billionaires are No. 1 David Thompson. Chairman of the Media and Publishing Company.