Up till now, you road over the sea, or may have seen many bridge over the river. Today, 10 of the world that we are going to tell about the bridge, which are hardly seen or heard. These bridges have a footbridge built over a river is.
China’s Changsha City Lucky Dragon King Harbor Note This bridge built over the river. The bridge is 606 feet long and 78 feet high. NEXT architects who designed the bridge. The bridge can travel only on foot.

Rainbow Fountain Banpo Bridge, South Korea

South Korea’s Han river in Seoul making it the highest bridge in the world are famous. This bridge is functional. The length of the bridge is 1495 meters. Njar Bridge at night are worth.
Laguna Garjon Circular Bridge, Uruguay

The bridge connects Rocha and Malodonado city. On the bridge at a time, about a thousand cars will go through together. The bridge has been designed by architects Rafael Vinoli.
Dragon Bridge, Vietnam
The bridge is known as the Dragon Bridge, because the bridge is built on a huge dragon. Vietnam 2185 feet long bridge “Da Nang” is located in the city. Bridge at night when it looks extremely elegant.
Ashima Ohashi, Japan
Ashima Ohashi Bridge view seems very dangerous. The length of the bridge is 17 hundred meters, while its width is 11 meters.
Vebs Henderson Bridge, Singapore
Singapore Bukit Merah made in the texture of the bridge is quite different from the Bridge with trains passing people can walk. By the end of the bridge are also made for the West Coast Park. The total length of the bridge is 9 thousand meters.
Infinite Bridge, Denmark
Arhus, Denmark became the bridge to the city, you will be amazed to see the texture. Making it perfectly rounded edge of the bridge and you can move comfortably on it. On June 6, 2015 with the married couple on the bridge 12.
Island in the Mur, Austria
Access to the bridge is a bridge that you will eat or deception island. The design of the bridge in the city of Graz made by American architect Vito is Akoni. Muri made the bridge over the river of steel and glass is made from glass.
Python Bridge, Netherlands
The bridge is a dragon-like texture of the python. The bridge of material is used to make steel. In 2002, the Bridge Award for the World’s Best Foot over bridge has been found.
Sales Twin Bridge, Dorset, England
The bridge, built in 2012, is typical of the two side opens. 75 feet long, the bridge has been designed by architects Wilkinson Eyre. Ships and boats to pass this bridge is opened 15 times in three.