On the Brahmaputra river in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh to become Asia’s largest bridge will soon be over. After becoming the distance between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh will reduce the time to about four hours. 25.8 km long bridge began in November 2010 to become. 10, the longest bridge in the world today, we are going to tell you about. Length of 55 kilometers, the longest bridge …
Bang Na Expressway Bridge, Thailand
Thailand located in Bangkok’s Bang Na Expressway Bridge, the longest bridge in the world which has six lanes. Its length is 55 kilometers. As a reminder, in 2000, the bridge was constructed. The width of the bridge is 27 meters.
Poncrtren Causeway Lake, USA
Causeway Lake Poncrtren southern Louisiana, in the US. It has two parallel bridges, whose length is 38.4 kilometers. The bridge was built in the 19th century and is the oldest in the region.
Mnck Swamp Bridge, USA
Located in the US Louisiana bridge is the world’s third longest bridge. Its length is 36.60 kilometers. It was composed in 1970.
Causeway King Fahd, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd Causeway Bridge is the fourth longest bridge, which was built in 1986. Make it took 15 years and cost 1.2 billion dollars. The business and trade in Saudi Arabia is an important bridge.
Incion Bridge, South Korea
Incheon Bridge in South Korea, its length is 2.3 kilometers. It was completed in 2009. Songdo is to use the bridge.
Vasco da Gama Bridge, Portugal
Vasco da Gama in Lisbon, capital of Portugal, which was completed in March 1998. Cable making this bridge is the world’s 9th tallest bridge length of 17.2 kilometers.
Penang Bridge, Malaysia
Penang Bridge is located in Penang, Malaysia. Its length is 13.5 kilometers, it was the first 4 lanes to 6 lanes were later.
Rio-Niteroi Bridge, Brazil
The Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi Bridge connects whose length is 13.19 kilometers. It was composed in 1980.
West Gate Bridge, Australia
Sydney Harbour Bridge The bridge is double, whose length is 2.5 kilometers. Make it a part of it had fallen during which 35 workers were killed. In 1978 it was opened to the people.
The Mainland Bridge, Nigeria
Mainland bridge built in 1990 in Nigeria, with a length of 11.8 kilometers. It is said that the bridge is moving.