Kareena Kapoor Khan in an interview to a daily opens up about parenting, walking the ramp with baby bump and many other things. The actress is excited and not nervous. She also admits that she has never shied away from talking about her relationships and now that she is married she is looking forward to becoming a mother. She says, “I have struck a good balance between commercial and non-commercial cinema and I don’t know why people are making an issue about my pregnancy. It is a natural thing.” She also denies that she will take any advice from people on what motherly qualities she should imbibe. Ask her if she is worried her children will not be able to live a normal life and she says, “Saif and I are very normal. We don’t go to PR parties or film trials. We have a private life. I don’t believe in having bodyguards so I won’t hire 10 bodyguards around my child too because he or she belongs to a star family.”

The actress also does not want to be the voice of change. “I just want to be honest towards my work, my family and my fans. People have had 100 opinions about our decisions but that’s fine. I don’t go out of my way to clarify things discussed about me.”