Superstar Salman Khan have again taken over the box office by storm with his latest outing Sultan, that has set the cash registers ringing since the day it hit the screens. The film has turned out to be another Eid blockbuster earning Rs 100 crore in just three days.
People are simply loving Salman in the role of wrestler who has won hearts with his fights, accent, dance and acting. Actress Anushka Sharma too is getting rave reviews for her performance in the film.
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So while Sultan is on its way to break box office records, we found out that the movie still has some flaws. There are few silly mistakes that definitely went unnoticed by many, in the film. Even director Abbas Ali Zafar did not take notice of the technical errors, which although do not take away the fact that the movie is a great watch and is a treat for all movie buffs.During this match between India- Iran, in the movie, while you enjoyed watching ‘Sultan’ winning the battle, you forgot to notice that the score board read IRI, instead of IRA, for the Iran team. As a rule in wrestling, you are not allowed to wear anything pointed while you are in the ring.

And Anushka was seen sweating it out with sharp hair clips on! The error in the film starts from the beginning itself. If you take a closer look at the film’s banner, you will realize that the film’s crew forgot to change Instagram’s logo, which is now pink and not blue.Salman Khan unveils his statue at a sports academy in the village. However, we were only left wondering, from which angle it resembles our Sallu bhai?This scene left us rolling on the floor laughing. Salman picks these kids to drop them to school on his scooter. However in the next scene, he gives these kids a lift, makes them drink cane juice and leaves them there itself! He totally forgets that he had to drop them to their school!