What do people do for Nisntan child. The same thing happens in a village in Himachal Pradesh. Seamus village temple in Himachal Pradesh which has a floor to sleep on Nisntan women are pregnant. They say that dreams come progeny of a goddess bless the happiness of children and women. Thousands from far and childless women come to this temple to sleep on special Fris. The temple is known as Sntandatri. Navratra festival is celebrated here, which means dreams come Slindera. The childless women sleep on the floor of the temple day and night. He says that doing so as soon as possible are pregnant. It is claimed that the mother gives Simsa fruit woman in dreams that the girl child is to get the blessing. Not only seeing the boy or girl to be the fruit is also underway. Guava is the fruit of a woman having received the blessing of her boy get the girl and get someone okra.