Iran’s name came in mind the image of an emerging Islamic country where the rules are very strict. Marriage and relationships can be seen here with a different culture. However, the first Iranian culture and Western culture quite progressive Inspire, but not anymore. Despite this, their freedom to those who wanted to ENJOY, his hobbies were way out of the back door. So, today we talk about Iran are some shocking facts. Virginity women undergo surgery to get …
Iran lost their virginity before marriage tend to mostly young, these girls are also included. So to get back to virginity before marriage, the girls bring a surgery. The surgery is called Haymnoplasti. The Haymn Membran (membrane) is the Recreation. It is extremely easy to find a clinic for the surgery. Four years ago, the cleric had issued a fatwa by Ayatollah Rouhani Sdik, in which he told Haymnoplasti valid. But this surgery is not officially cleared.

 ask for virginity before marriage certificate
Due to declining record virginity virginity before the marriage certificate of the family are beginning to demand. When the girl refused to marry is not Virgin. Gaiknolojist girls go to take this certificate