This women takes 100 Selfie in one day

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Riland Jakyui in England to take selfie craze is so much that they are replaced by a day over 100 selfies. They are also posted on their social account. Photos of Jakyui single mother are bothered by the use of Miss. He filed a complaint with the police that some people use of their photos are on your social media account, some Illegal activities. My Aidentidi is being sold online …
Jakyui says Snapchet Foloars my 5 million who use my picture on my Instagram and Facebook accounts used before. But even then some people are claiming that my intimate photos with them was showing. While I’ve never met him. WhatsApp account by men on women, as well as a picture of the meeting is fixed. I have got mail threat. So I took to the police. Now I have no one to post photos on social networking site, I think the first two times.

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