Gone are the days when beard was only a man’s ‘thing’! There are women around the world who can sport better looking beards with full confidence just like any other man. These women are the example of how gender stereotypes have blindsided all of us and made our minds get stuck in one place. “Blue is for boys & pink is for girls”, is no more the way of life.
Harnaam Kaur who was became an inspiration to many women recently awarded the title of world’s ‘youngest’ woman to have a full grown beard by the Guinness world records. Just like a lot of women, Harnaam kaur suffers from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) which results in excessive facial hair growth. She was always bullied for her looks during her childhood but as she grew up she has started embracing herself and now is proud to have a beard.
There are many other beautiful ladies around the world who love their beards and rock that stubble look with full confidence. Here’s some kicka** women who aren’t afraid to be what they are and got pretty much famous because of their so-called ‘flaws’!