An American news site recently published photos showing the life of Bangladesh’s oldest brothel. Kandapara brothel is once again in the spotlight because of this. Bangladesh is the country’s oldest and second largest brothel. However, the nearly 200-year-old brothel was demolished in 2014, but work has begun again in Bangladesh Prostitusn Hakligl ….
Bangladesh is among the few Muslim countries where Prostitusn is legal. Tnganl Kandapara brothel district demolished after the administration was restarted with the help of some NGOs. According to reports, there are many, many women born and brought up here, it was here, then they came the same profession. Such women also are not aware of the fact that they can go out and where career.
The US website is written by a different power structure that runs inside the brothel. The new one to five years to a woman has to file its earnings. Most victims of trafficking are women and have been selling them here. Freedom for a period of time after the submission of the girls earnings gains. Then they can be out of a brothel or a customer can refuse. But still avoids Girls often go out and take up his life to the brothel.