Many around the world are peculiar traditions, about which there is surprise. One such tradition tribe women Yavo China considers, under which they are Ktwati your hair only once in life. So his hair are 6 to 8 feet long. The people of this tribe live in the village Huaangluo Guangxi province.
Tribe Yavo their hair for women are sacred, because they always keep her covered. But in the year during the annual celebration is a chance that, when all the women are standing in the river, her hair loose. In the meantime they have their hair washed and combed sites. This is only part of the tradition.
Why do not Ktwati hair?
The tribe believed that the woman’s hair to identify their longevity occur. Because of the luck and wealth glitters is introduced. The centuries-long tradition of village women still play. As a result, the village is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Huaangluo Yavo got the title of the world’s most long-haired village.