A tribe in eastern Brazilian Amazon rainforest near is very clumsy manner. Tribe’s unique relationship with the people of these animals. Today we’re going to show you these tribespeople Laifkmahilaan animals are breastfeeding your milk …
AWWA is the name of this tribe Tribes. Recently a photographer to capture the tribe interesting photos. Tribal animals that live here so that many women had dissolved their milk animals are breastfeeding. In return, the tribe also help animals and fruit trees are breaking.
The crisis is over, there remain only 500
About 500 years ago, where several thousand of the tribe, but now only 500 remain. Tribe in their life has been affected by external human intervention. These people depend on the forest and live a life completely. Many places have been occupied on their land.
Rear animals like children
Awa tribe animals bear with his family. PHOTOS there were many animals, including squirrels breastfeeding women are seen. Women like a kid who loves to feed the animals grow older.
Doneniko Puglij photos of imprisonment
The complete end-to AWWA tribe looming. Doneniko Puglij photographer said they were very luck that he got a chance to capture pictures of the tribe, because very few people have had a chance yet to move closer to the tribe.