London. There are many such strange diseases worldwide, which is about the surprise. Mandy, 41, a resident of London Sellers are facing such a bizarre disease. Indeed, they are overweight and a leg when he cut the legs again feel myself grow. Doctors were surprised by the mysterious illness …
Mandy’s leg bone and flesh of the disease rises excessively. The weight of his legs was increased to 108 kg. He clipped a foot infection caused when he began to grow legs again. However, doctors have developed a drug for Mandy’s feet, making their feet longer has the weight of 70 kg. Mandy was born when his legs were obese child right and left leg right leg five times larger than 3 inches. Mandy’s diagnosis came when she was five years old. Mandy doctors were surprised by this mysterious disease.
Doctors felt that Mandy would never walk or not. But your school, college and studied psychology. Mandy’s legs began to grow again in 2010. In two years, the thickness of his legs was a meter. Doctors cut his foot on it. After a while, when they were to take the measurements of his artificial leg was diagnosed Mandy’s leg had begun to grow again. It was Mandy and she felt too desperate not know whether she will ever walk. Cambridge University then mapped their DNA. They found that five times greater than normal was Mandy’s legs.
Doctors found that mutations in a gene are produced. It was a drug. Mandy’s foot size of the drug phenomenon has begun. 2 years 38 kg lighter in weight of his foot. Now reduced mobility impairment. Mandy doctor still in a fix that will continue to improve the position of the foot or not.