UK Nusrit Nelly Shaheen, who are suffering from a strange disease. The illness leaves their body skin like snakes. Because of this rare disease at birth that doctors said Nusrit and will not survive for even longer. However, the 32-year Nusrit been alive now. There is no cure
Nusrit’s family showed many doctors, but the disease has no cure. There have been 14 such cases in the UK. Ictheosis Harlekyun of the disease is known. As a result, not only leaves skin slough, but gradually many body parts are different from the body. Nusrit last year fell to the feet of all the nails.
Nusrit says that before my health was not right, but in recent days, and I feel fit. But increases in the cold are my troubles. The body’s skin is very tough and tear, which is quite painful.