Japan is a country where the majority of the youth avoid getting married and prefer to stay single. Thus, the country’s population is declining. But the love of the industry is booming and the service meets the market in Japan is different. Today we tell you about one such secret service are going. Why women beating men eat …
The happiness of men beating women take food service. Disclosed the news service Voice of America’s premier was in a documentary. In general, the service is just the locals, but the Japanese Yakuza gang after Knvins vice reporter got this service. He captured the whole process. More information during a secret place without them was taken.
Criminal gang runs the sex industry
Service during the first lady is a guy tied up and then whips him run. The men often seem to suffer. However, it is believed that this is joy. And also to find happiness in Japan such service people do. As a reminder of Japan’s sex industry is dominated by Yakuza gang. Organised criminal gangs, police and local media it holds.
Japan some interesting facts ….
– India and China, where the population is growing, Japan is worried because of its demographic decline.
– Japan’s population of 10 million in the last 5 years has declined.
– 50 per cent of the 18 to 34 year old girls are not married.
– Double the number of boys of the same age is about 60 per cent.
– The young people avoid falling into a relationship and to spend less time with each other.